Supply Chain Partners

Our Supply Chain Approach

At Davies Associates Ltd., our whole approach and procurement process is designed to engage the supply chain partners who will work with us long-term and always to the highest standards. In practice, this means that we are careful about who we choose because we plan to work together for a long time, investing in each other’s success.

The rewards offered by a partnership with Davies Associates Ltd. mean that in return our partners are able to offer us significant added value in the products and services they provide. A partnership will only work with an organisation similarly committed to both an open, honest long-term partnership and also to outstanding customer service. Consistency and reliability are watchwords for our partners.


Partners must also share our commitment to sustainability and always be looking to increase efficiency, reduce waste and make the workplace a safe environment for all. With our support for sustainable initiatives such as LEED Strategies, we already do much to support the environment. However, our suppliers are an integral part of our business and therefore play a crucial role in helping us to reduce our environmental impact.

Environmental Management Systems

We encourage suppliers to have fully accredited environmental management systems. We also expect suppliers to review each project to identify potentially negative outcomes and to aim to design these out by use of alternative materials and processes. Our environmental policy is wide-ranging and we work with our supply chain to make sure they understand and comply with it.

An Ethical Approach

Davies Associates Ltd is also committed to being an ethical business and has similarly high standards for its supply chain.

Davies Associates Ltd. asks all suppliers to:

  • Comply with all relevant statutory regulations that relate to social and ethical matters.
  • Support the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Take a responsible position with regard to fair trade and labor rights in their own operations and supply chains, regardless of point of origin.

Davies Associates Ltd. reserves the right to terminate relations with any supplier not able to comply with these requirements.